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Learning a new language is a valuable skill. In addition to helping you network, it increases awareness of other cultures and their people. Babbel will help you understand and confidently speak a new language in just 30 days with their immersive learning system. Instead of stale vocab lists and recitation exercises, Babbel’s 10-15 minute lessons explore everyday situations like travel, family, shopping and more through games, podcasts and virtual classes. You can understand a new culture, discover its people and learn a new language for up to 60% off with a Babbel Language Learning System subscription now.


Whether at home or on-the-go, when it comes to vaporizers, we want it all. We want to be able to use full flower or potent concentrates depending on the mood–and keep it smooth without any harsh smoke. We want multiple modes for unique combinations of flavor and vapor. We want an oven that’s as easy to clean as it is adjustable depending on the length of the session. Sounds impossible, right? It’s not with PAX Plus. In addition to packing all those features into one perfectly portable device, it’s also one the most sleek and stylish products that’s come out recently.