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Despite the fact that none of the awards nominations are in yet, The Irishman has already racked up an incredible amount of fanfare in the best actor, best supporting actor, best film, best direction and, well, every other “best of” award category because it’s a phenomenal film with a great story that, if we’re being honest, kind of meanders around for the three hour plus running time. And yet, or but still, it’s one of the greatest films we’ve seen in our adult lives because it’s perfect Scorsese meets DeNiro meets Pesci mob film like we haven’t seen Goodfellas, and who wouldn’t want more of that? But we digress. Joe Pesci as Russell Bufalino in The Irishman wore a very specific pair of sunglasses, and now’s your chance to own your very own pair thanks to the team at Eye Goodies. These Super Classic Black glasses are the same versions that Pesci wore throughout the film, and you can have your own pair of this unique take on the classic wayfarers with the link below.


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