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Minimis Smart Sport Sunglasses

Minimis Smart Sport Sunglasses

The jury is still out on whether smartglasses are the way of the future. We’ve seen some big failures and some impressive upcoming releases. While the way forward appeared to be an overload of tech on a heads-up display, Minimis seems to be taking a simpler route with its own smart sunglasses.

Developed specifically for athletes, the Minimis Smart Sunglasses are practical and innovative. These shades don’t just shield your eyes from the sun, they elevate your entire workout.

Boasting a minimalist yet futuristic design, the Minimis Smart Sunglasses seamlessly integrate advanced technology into any activity. The Minimis deliver a heads-up display without the need for a phone or smartwatch. Weighing just 90 grams, the sunglasses are virtually weightless but come with a host of benefits. They can link to your Spotify account for seamless music playback and will display real-time stats like time, speed, distance, and heart rate without having to check your wrist or your phone. It’s a simple solution but could offer runners, cyclists, and more a smoother workout.

Unlike other smartglasses, Minimis incorporates an advanced waveguide solution with its integrated OLED microdisplay, offering stunning resolution and precise performance tracking with a one-second refresh rate. Equipped with GPS for turn-by-turn navigation, eSIM support, WiFi, and Bluetooth, Minimis gives you everything you need. The glasses house dual 650mAh batteries, providing up to 7 hours of operation on a single charge. Plus, these smartglasses have anti-fog polarized transition lenses, water resistance, non-slip construction, and an array of cutting-edge features. Experience the future of eyewear today.