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Whether we like it or not, inclement weather happens all the time. Instead of letting the weather forecast determine your plans, or wearing uncomfortable boots all the time, pack a pair of these Packable Rubber Rain Boots that will allow you to tackle any inclement weather with ease. Made with thinly-processed natural rubber that’s more environmentally friendly than other options, these boots protect you from the ground up to the knee while weighing no more than a bottle of water. They’re a no-brainer for the outdoorsman’s EDC.


We’ve all used our phones as a flashlight at least once. It’s convenient, but there are better options. Whether you’re looking for a workhorse for the car or garage, or something smaller you can carry every day, you want a Ledlenser flashlight. Ledlenser flashlights are all designed and built to be incredibly bright, lightweight and last a lifetime. Even better, right now they’re offering free engraving on their flashlights until December 18th. All you have to do is click “add engraving,” enter your text and choose the font. Get your engraved Ledlenser flashlights today.