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When we think of Albert Einstein, there are so many things that pop into our head before style icon, but the man knew how to wear a leather jacket and look damn good doing it. Einstein famously wore a mid-1930s Levi’s Menlo Cossack jacket that the brand itself acquired at auction in 2016. They recreated Eistein’s iconic jacket for the first time last year. Levi’s Vintage Clothing is back at it again, but this time around they’re reimagining the jacket as something Einstein would have worn while in disguise instead of just reproducing the original. This updated version is made with black 100% Sheep leather and with red writing instead of yellow–along with being packaged with a reproduction Christie’s auction paddle and a D.S & Durga fragrance designed to replicate the scents of burley pipe tobacco, papyrus manuscripts and vintage leather. This Levi’s Menlo Cossack Jacket is limited to 500 pieces worldwide.

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