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There’s something about sports memorabilia that is so alluring. A first edition rookie card, original jersey, or piece of equipment contains a small yet significant piece of history. It’s talismanic for most sports fans. But these items are typically just small mementos that can really only be displayed to have any significance. What if you could sport one of these items yourself? Well, now you can as a beautifully stylish watch given to baseball legend Honus Wagner at his hall of fame induction heads to auction.

On this rectangular, nearly art-deco “Gruen Curvex” timepiece is stamped “14K Gold Filled” on case verso along with the text: “Presented to Honus Wagner, Member of The Hall of Fame, Baseball Centennial, 1839-1939.” Sadly, the watch doesn’t provide fully accurate timekeeping but you could take it to a professional for some servicing. But, the hand-wound movement does appear to still work. The original crystal is clear and uncracked, and the dial, sporting highly legible gold numerals, looks brilliant and well-worn. A newer bracelet has been affixed to the original watch.

The watch is being auctioned off by an acquaintance of Wagner’s nephew Bill Gallagher who was given the watch as a gift. It’s considered by many collectors to be one of the three most desirable Hall of Fame watches that exists, along with Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth. Bidding starts at $27,000 and is expected to reach $100,000.

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