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Sometimes life’s just way too serious, and you need something playful in your style repertoire to remind you to be lighthearted. The new 8-Bit Brew watch is just that kind of accessory. And it’s the perfect throwback to better times… the ’80s. Bright pops of teal, orange, and yellow adorn the black dial that’s set inside a rounded cushion case. The pixilated hands and subdials add character to the mix, and you’d swear you could find Pac-Man in there somewhere. But it’s more of a period theme than any particular video game. The pixelated coffee cup and steam puffs are a great new brand icon, too. The watch is right-sized at 38mm in width and 41.5mm across the longest span of the case. It’s only 10.4mm thick, it can fit under a shirt cuff with ease. A Seiko VK64 Meca-Quartz keeps excellent time and contributes to the watch’s thinness. The steel caseback is almost as playful as the face with “Start”, “Reset”, and “Extraction Timer” text. The watch is so laid back in its execution that it just might make you stop caring about the time.


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