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Alex Crane has remained a slightly under-the-radar menswear favorite of ours for producing comfortable, casual clothes that all sport a sort of beachy breeziness. From linen pants to cozy jackets, Alex Crane has us covered for all seasons with ethically made clothes. The brand’s latest release, however, is the culmination of their eco-friendly ethos. The newly launched Porto shirts are smart-casual button-downs that happen to be 100% biodegradable. Made entirely from from natural materials, these shirts can ultimately be composted when they’ve reached their end.

“Every part of the Porto Shirt, from fabric to trim to dye, is made out of a natural material that fully biodegrades without adding toxicity to the Earth,” explained the brand’s founder and designer, Alex Crane in a press release. “That doesn’t mean the shirt is any less enduring or hard-wearing – it will last for years, and only get better with wear. But, if and when the time comes to dispose of it, you can put the shirt in a compost pile and, within a year, it will turn to soil.”

This is a unique and charming innovation from the brand and manages to maintain Alex Crane’s sense of laid-back style. The Porto shirts, made with organic cotton, corozo buttons, and natural dyes, are available in three color options: White, Blue, and Charcoal.


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