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Get Ready for Warmer Weather With Alex Crane’s Overdye Collection

Breathable and stylish, Alex Crane's Overdye Collection showcases over-dyed linen fabric.


Introducing the latest drop from Brooklyn’s eco-friendly fashion label, Alex Crane: the Overdye Collection. This limited edition lineup reimagines their popular styles with a fresh twist, using over-dyed linen fabric for a distinctive look and sustainable edge. Founder Alex Crane shares, “The Overdye Collection is a playful departure from our classic Lines range. Instead of starting from scratch, we repurposed existing fabric with organic, GOTS-certified pigments to minimize waste and create something truly unique. It’s all about color without compromise.”

The Overdye Collection showcases Alex Crane’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, proving that fashion can be both stylish and conscious. Each piece, whether it’s their renowned pinstripe shirt or comfortable shorts, boasts a one-of-a-kind hue that reflects the brand’s ethos. This collection isn’t just about clothes; it’s a statement. Dive into the new look at, where prices start at $65. Join the movement towards sustainable fashion without sacrificing style.

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