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Web’s Best: Meat on a Stick

Web’s Best: Meat on a Stick

Yes, we said, “Meat on a stick.” Just get all your immature giggling out now (we did plenty putting the list together). Okay, good? Now, we don’t know why, but food placed on a stick is immediately 2-3x more appealing than it would be on a plate. Since we are men, we’ll keep the daiquiri ice pops in the freezer and skewer some beef. Here are the Web’s Best: Meat on a Stick recipes:

Beef Kebabs

Kebabs have always intrigued us because they’re basically a main dish and some sides all speared by a couple of sticks. They are the true meal on a stick. These happen to be our favorite thanks in part to the tasty marinade of honey, soy sauce, ginger and more. It’s totally acceptable to use a skewer as a toothpick after you finish, by the way. (Recipe)

Homemade Baked Corn Dogs

We can’t tell you exactly what the meat is, but we can tell you it is delicious! Corn dogs are not just for youngins who enjoy Kid Cuisine, they are also for sophisticated adults. (Though sophistication may vary.) (Recipe)

Beef Satay

East meets West in an explosion of awesomeness here. Taking the traditional Thai dish and replacing the standard thin strips of beef with a New York strip is a brilliant way to get full off a couple of skewers. Don’t worry though, you’ll enjoy the few you have along with the bowl of peanut sauce you’ll end up licking clean. (Recipe)

Candied Bacon on a Stick

Put it on a stick, serve it on a plate, hell, mash it up and pour it into a beer funnel, no matter how it’s served, bacon will always be welcomed warmly into our gut. This candied bacon on a stick is the perfect snack for when you want something salty and sweet. (Recipe)

Pork Chops on a Stick

You got sticks? You got pork chops? Then you my friend have pork chops on a stick. Okay, there is just a bit of marinating that goes on, but this recipe couldn’t be easier. Plus it solve the age old problem of how to eat a pork chop while driving. (Recipe)

Spaghetti and Meatballs on a Stick

Are you still eating your spaghetti and meatballs with a fork and twirling spoon like a sucker? Put that meal on a freaking stick already!  (Recipe)

On-a-Stick Chicken Strips

Recipes that include kids’ cereal always intrigue us. The coating on these pieces of chicken is made from a delicious mixture of garlic powder, paprika, salt, pepper and some good old Rice Krispies. Is the recipe meant for kids? Yes. Do we care? Not a bit. (Recipe)

Wiener Schnitzel Skewers

Grab a large dumpling in one hand and a schnitzel on a stick in the other and you’re all set to hit a beer garden. How will you hold your stein? Perhaps in the voluptuous chest of your waitress. (Recipe)

Barbecued Chicken Kabobs

We’re kinda insulted that most recipes for food on a stick are geared towards to children. What about us adults who wanna keep our hands clean and our food portable? We contend that this recipe for Barbecued Chicken Kabobs is for people with beer on their breath. If that happens to be your kid, it’s time to have a talk. (Recipe)

Chicken-on-a-Stick with Italian Dipping Sauces

Okay, now here is some meat on a stick that is clearly for the adult crowd. These stylish offerings say, “I’m sophisticated but fun,” kinda like shotgunning a Dale’s Pale Ale. (Recipe)

Asian Meatballs on a Stick

Meatballs on a stick might sound like a nickname you have for what’s in your Jockeys, but in this case it happens to be something for your party guests to enjoy (okay, that still sounds bad). These guys are packed with flavor and a bit of heat. (Recipe)

Doner Kebab

You’ll need a heavy duty stick for this one, even use a fork as a stick (we believe that counts), oh, and a blowtorch. It’s British, but don’t let that scare you, it’s pretty delicious (send hate mail here). In an ideal world, you’d cut off the beef and put it in a pita, but we like to stop at step 10 and just eat it like a meat-pop on the couch.  (Recipe)