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18 Fantastic Finds for Beer Lovers

18 Fantastic Finds for Beer Lovers
Beer is like bacon, you can add it to anything and it will improve in quality exponentially, but you can only make so many clock, bottle opener, and beer queso dip variations before you have to start getting creative. These products are the result of ingenious engineering, baking, botany, and – in some cases – mad science. Feast your eyes on the products you probably thought about making that someone else is getting rich off of.

Beer Soap

Giving showers a nice hops or malt aroma makes the daily ritual more of a party than the chore it really is. With Beer Soap you might actually want to take a shower before the game on Sunday.

Beer Shampoo

Integrating beer into every aspect of your life isn’t so much a goal as it is a calling. With Regenerativ beer shampoo you can make your hair harder, better, faster, stronger without making your stomach jealous.

Beer Candle

Now you can get that fresh brewery smell without all the equipment, botany, and waiting and at a cost that will still leave you a couple of bucks for a sixer to enjoy.

Beer Coffin

Talk about planning for the future, this dude isn’t even dead yet. Hopefully PBR hooked this guy up with free cases for life because if he loves it enough to get it on his coffin it’s probably not going to last too much longer.

Beer Cupcakes

Men love cake almost as much as they love beer. Cupcakes remove the need for a fork and adding beer is like adding bacon to ice cream – you don’t need it, but damn is it good.

Beer Lights

Instead of recycling beer bottles on the curb, Barlite chose to green them into light fixtures. Because it’s art and she will have to might let you hang it in the living room.

Beer Handle

Putting a handle on a can of beer is the beverage equivalent of tits on a bull – totally unnecessary and mostly insane – but we still love it. Keeps your beer cold, your hands warm, and comes in a six pack – just like beer.

Beer Box Books

You could keep all your daily thoughts, musings, and phone numbers in a moleskin, but these days those things are as ubiquitous as iPods. Plus you don’t really want your black book to actually be a black book, it’s just too easy. If your journal is made out of your favorite beer case your much more likely to write in it and less likely to lose it.

Remote Control Beer Cooler

The name says it all; it’s a remote control beer cooler. R2D2 version coming soon from Lucas Enterprises.

Beer Tie

This is one tie no man would have a problem wearing to work (Just make sure you buy one for your boss so he doesn’t have a problem with you wearing it). Then, when you get home – or to lunch – you won’t even have to worry about finding an opener.

Beer Christmas Trees

We’ve all lived around that one guy that made everyone else look bad when it came to decorating for the holidays. These trees make that guy look like the Grinch. These are technically individual products so much as they are a testament to what you can do with a weekend, a few buddies, and a dozen (or so) cases of beer. Next time she takes a “spa day,” make something out of the empties (she might not be as pissed when she gets back).

The Beer Belly

This is one beer belly none of us would mind having. In what is sure to become the “next big thing” at sporting events, this covert apparatus allows you sneak up to 80oz into whatever event you want. Don’t get drunk on power and try to sneak it into the baby shower or you’ll ruin it for the rest of us.

Beer Cuff Bracelets

Cuffs are no longer just for rock stars and Wonder Woman. Now you can help support your favorite brewery and stop errant quarters, darts, or bags with style. Well, as much style as you can possibly have while essentially wearing a beer can on your wrist.

Beer Hoodie

The hoodie is man’s go-to piece of clothing for lounging around. When you’re lounging, nothing hits the spot like an ice cold brew, but bad things happen when you leave rings on the table. Abstain no longer because now you can keep your arms and legs inside the recliner and still work on that buzz.

Beer TV Tap

Is there any greater combination than beer and football? No; so why not permanently combine the two by showing NFL Network through your home bar. If you wired it creatively you would never even have to leave your barstool for a refill.

Beer Garden

Sometimes even Delirium Tremens cannot fill the beer sized void in your stomach. When that time comes, it’s time to get down and dirty and start brewing your own. With a Beer Garden, you can grow your hops, barley, and wheat in something so manly the only words out of your buddies mouths will be “when can we drink it?”

Beer USB Drive

God only knows what crazy combination of geek and engineer dreamed up (and created) a beer filled usb drive, but he’s a genius in our book. The only question that remains is how you get the beer out after a hard day at the office.

Beer Wraps

Not looking forward to attending the great nephew’s Christening? Now with Tiger Piss, Clown Tears, and Diet Wow! you can still get your Tecate on without incurring the wrath of the wife or mother-in-law. Just make sure you bring enough for all the boys or you’ll end up off the Vegas list.

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