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12 Unique and Bizarre Hoodies

12 Unique and Bizarre Hoodies


Most people throw on a hoodie to wear something comfortable and casual, but some hoodies are made to be stylish and attention grabbing… and some hoodies make you look psychotic… or like a super hero. Check out these 11 unique and bizarre hoodies to see what we mean.

Jason Hoodie

What does Jason Voorhees wear on casual Fridays? When he’s relaxing during the off season at Camp Crystal Lake he might ditch the hockey mask and shredded jacket for this casual hoodie. The official Friday the 13th Jason Hoodie by Marc Ecko zips all the way up over your face giving you a pseudo-mask that’s fit for a horror film, or a really messed up summer camp experience.

Blow-up Doll Hoodie

Some people aren’t afraid to wear their hearts out on their sleeves… and some people aren’t afraid to wear… other parts… on their heads. Blow-up Doll hoodies by Sander Reijgers turns a funny gag gift into gear for serial rapists.

Head Hoods

If you’re looking for a hoodie that will really turn heads, then look no further. Head Hoodies might cause more than a few double takes when Obama and Michael Jackson are hanging out with the Statue of David. Head Hoods feature iconic faces on the sides of hoodies inducing memorable faces like Audrey Hepburn, Mr. T, the Lego Man, a Gorilla and the King of Hearts.

Gene Simmons Kiss Hoodie

All the tongue stretching you could do in a lifetime coudln’t get yours as long as Gene’s legandary mouth muscle. This Kiss Hoodie is a close as you’ll ever hope to get.

Star Wars Darth Maul Hoodie

If you lack the face painting and sewing skills necessary to make your own Darth Maul costume you could always fall back on the Darth Maul Hoodie. Much like the previous Marc Ecko hoodie, this one zips up over your face. Marc Ecko has a whole series of Star Wars hoodies including Boba Fett, Strom Troopers, X Wing Pilots and Darth Vader.

Captain America Hoodie

Not exactly the usually spandex bodysuit, but this Captain America Hoodie has got the same iconic patriotic hero vibe… and the best part is that you don’t have to have the physique of a Super Soldier to wear it.

Green Lantern Hoodie

In all fairness, we can’t show you a Marvel character without including one from DC. Unlike Clark and Bruce the Green Lantern could be anyone… all you need is a power ring… or this hoodie.

Master Chief Hoodie

If you’ve got all the games, the special edition Halo Xbox (that for the record is just green) and the notorious cat helmet then perhaps the only thing you’ve got left to collect is your very own Spartan power suit. Or you could save what’s probably hundreds of dollars (or the embarrassment of wearing a cardboard version) and get this Master Chief Hoodie.

Care Bear Hoodie

Okay, this may be a little childish and incredibly girly, but it would look adorable on your girlfriend. What? She was born in 1991 and doesn’t really know who the care bears are? Awesome.

Werewolf Hoodie

It’s no Three Wolf Moon T-shirt, but it will do. The Werewolf Hoodie makes you look like a wolf, which will surely strike fear into other males and instantly attract women. No word yet on magical powers.

Evil Robot Hoodie

Hey baby, wanna kill all humans? The Evil Robot hoodie features an evil robot face as well as all kinds of knobs, gauges and outlets. It’s reversible and unzips all the way so you can attach half of it to another hoodie to make some kind of franken-hoodie.

Diamond Studded Hoodie

If none of these hoodies get the kind of attention you’re looking for you could always go for something a bit flashier… and it doesn’t get any flashier than a hoodie covered in onver 4000 Swarovski crystals with a 3 carat diamond zipper pull.