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10 Other Animals That Deserve Their Own Week

10 Other Animals That Deserve Their Own Week

Shark Week kicks off this weekend and here’s a newsflash for you: It’s awesome! The thing is though, we’ve seen a lot of shark footage over the years, and while we’re definitely not bored with it, we just think it might be time for something fresh. We’re not saying ditch Shark Week, but maybe the Discovery Channel should consider giving a week to one of these animals as well. Photo Source

1. Komodo Dragons

Do we wish they could breath fire? Yes. But we’ll settle for a week of programming on these gigantic mammal-killing lizards even if they don’t pre-roast their food. Their ambushing style of attack would make for great TV and if we could get some video of one swallowing a goat whole (they can) we’d be fairly riveted. Photo Source

2. Wolverines

We’re not talking a week’s worth of Hugh Jackman, we’re talking about blocks of programming dedicated to the ferocious little carnivore you’d find in Northern Canada and other places. When the wolverine attacks, it’s like David versus Goliath, only David is hyped up on ‘roids. They’re extremely strong for their size and sitting in front of our television watching one is about as close as we’d like to get. Photo Source

3. Poison Dart Frogs

Poison Dart Frogs not only appeal to that little kid in each of us screaming out, “Bright colors!” but also to the adult who is fascinated by all things surprisingly deadly. Most of the frogs would make you sick at worst, but the Golden Poison Frog has enough toxin to take out up to 20 men (or one film crew! . . . okay, that would be messed up). Photo Source

4. Piranhas

You know what’s worse than Piranha 3D? Actually getting attacked by some real piranhas (albeit it’s close). Throw something in the water and it’ll end up looking like it just went through a paper shredder after a pack of piranhas and their razor-sharp teeth get through with it. We’d set our DVRs for the entire week. Photo Source

5. Hyenas

Here’s an awesome scenario for you to ponder as you drift off to sleep: It’s the middle of the night and not far in the distance you hear a group of cackling carnivores read to rip your body to shreds in less time than it take Usain Bolt to cross a finish line. Any animal that is still badass as a cartoon character (see: The Lion King) deserves its own Discovery week. Photo Source

6. Saltwater Crocodiles

The largest of all living reptiles has one up on the shark population: It goes on land. So, call us when you can walk the streets great white. (Holy hell that would be scary.) Drowning caught in the jaw of a croc is a less than an ideal way to go, so watching on a TV and not aboard a pontoon sounds good to us. Photo Source

7. Platypuses

Ah, the mystery bag of the animal kingdom. With a duck’s bill, a beaver’s tail and an otter’s feet, the platypus looks like the creation of some mad scientist who sewed some animal parts together. On top of its general weirdness, the platypus also happens to be one of only a few venomous mammals making it perfect for prime time. Photo Source

8. Box Jellyfish

Besides being hypnotic to look at, some species are insanely dangerous. The Malo kingi is smaller than a dime and can cut you down right quick with some of the world’s most potent venom. We’re down for a special as long as they cut out any clips of people peeing on their friend’s stings. Photo Source

9. Mongooses

The name for the Mongoose bike brand probably came from the agility and durability of these tiny fighters. Known for beating up the likes of cobras and other snakes, we’d break out the popcorn to watch some of those epic battles. Photo Source

10. Dolphins

Yup, dolphins. How many animals do you know that can scare off a shark? How many animals do you know that pull pranks like flipping over a turtle and swimming quickly away? How many animals are so beloved as the friendly dolphin? Dolphin Week. Book it. Ratings explosion. Photo Source

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