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Zero Labs wants to preserve classic cars while giving them a clean, electric future. Their skateboard solution is part of what they term a ‘classic electric revolution,’ built for those who hate the idea of self-driving cars, an overabundance of in-car technology, and somewhat antiseptic designs of modern vehicles. Their product is the world’s first fully-electric platform for classic cars, trucks, and SUVs such as the Ford Bronco and the Land Rover Range Rover in response to impending bans on fossil fuel vehicles in Europe. In fact, they’ve already built examples using this platform in hopes of making it more widespread by 2025. The platform will be for the following vehicles and eras: 4×4 (1947-1975); classic muscle (pre-1975); classic 2-door coupe (1948-1975), and classic pickup (1947-1975). Power increases across the board and even all-wheel drive upgrades are part of the equation. Zero Labs is accepting inquiries now to see if their solution would work for you and your classic steed.


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