• J-D-Custom-Co-Handbuilt-Royal-Enfield-Electra-350
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  • J-D-Custom-Co-Handbuilt-Royal-Enfield-Electra-350-3
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  • J-D-Custom-Co-Handbuilt-Royal-Enfield-Electra-350-5
  • J-D-Custom-Co-Handbuilt-Royal-Enfield-Electra-350-6

Modern technology has completely changed the way vehicles are made, but Jay D. Patel of J&D Custom Co. out of India used absolutely none of it while handcrafting the gorgeously raw Royal Enfield Electra 350 you see here. Outside of the engine and the wheels, Patel handcrafted everything on this bike from the custom 304 stainless frame and the split tank, to the springer front end and the perimeter disc brake setup. As Patel told Bike EXIF, “The concept for this bike was to showcase the true craftsmanship of building without ‘layering it’ or hiding anything. Whatever I have learned in the past five years, I have tried to implement in this build. It’s a pure labor of love, representing the era of motorcycle development in small garages—without any high tech tools or software.” The work is so immaculate that he didn’t even clean up the welds after they were done. In an era when you can knock out a concept on an iPad while you’re riding in an Uber, it’s refreshing to see this kind of construction ethos and old school style used to build something. We can’t wait to see what rolls out of the J&D Custom Co. shop next.

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