• Highland-System-Storm-Armored-Hybrid-Amphibious-MPV-1
  • Highland-System-Storm-Armored-Hybrid-Amphibious-MPV-2
  • Highland-System-Storm-Armored-Hybrid-Amphibious-MPV-3
  • Highland-System-Storm-Armored-Hybrid-Amphibious-MPV-4
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  • Highland-System-Storm-Armored-Hybrid-Amphibious-MPV-6

In case you were looking for a nice, friendly apocalypse vehicle, you might want to get some special military dispensation to plunk down your life savings on the Storm. made by Highland System, it’s actually served for the British armed forces. It looks like a combination of an M1 Abrams tank, a stealth fighter, and the world’s biggest Goliath Beetle. The hybrid powertrain gives it 2,500 horsepower that allow its elevated tank tracks to manage 75% grades, hit 85 mph on the open road, and cover all kinds of terrain with its 20 inches of ground clearance. Its armor can handle small arms fire and even IEDs, plus it even has remote control capability and semi-autonomous technology. There’s no listed price, but we’re thinking millions. Maybe Jeff Bezos has one?


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