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In a move that almost seems like it was intentionally planned, right after we talked about the unique Harley-Davidson 11K Board Track Racer–their first purpose-built racer–the company pulled the wraps off a new bike planned for 2021. The Harley-Davidson 2021 Future Custom Model Motorcycle is only a prototype with a few pictures released at this point, and yet, despite the complete lack of additional information, we couldn’t be more excited. We know we’re going to have to wait at least two years before we can actually sit on one of these muscular and aggressively styled beasts, but that doesn’t even matter right now because hot damn is this bike good looking. The build and the design are stripped down and mean (the 1250cc motor that’s planned helps with this) while still having a level of polish you’ll only find on a Harley. Here’s hoping that once it’s named and rolling off the production line it will retain everything that makes the prototype so great.


TROVA. The physical storage device that prevents inappropriate audiences from accessing jewelry, vapes, prescription/recreational drugs or other private items that require a certain level of… let’s call it discretion.  It’s perfect for larger pockets, backpacks, or vacation carry-on. And because the sleek design mimics a hard drive or battery, only you’ll know its contents. Unlock TROVA using your smartphone. Yeah. The key to this beauty is your freaking phone. This small but mighty accessory gives you worry-free mobility and worry-free is really all we’re looking for when it comes to travel products.