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More than a century ago, the two largest producers of automobiles in the US were Ford and Willys. Willys has been defunct since the early 60s, but that doesn’t mean their vehicles aren’t still impressive to this day. Case in point–this 1957 Willys FC-150 truck that’s being auctioned off by Mecum later this year. The Forward Control (FC) truck–so named because the front seats are ahead of the engine–utilizes the popular for the time cab over engine design and is built on a CJ-5 chassis with a 6-foot pickup bed in the rear. It’s only packing a 72 HP F-head Hurricane engine, but it is equipped with the Warn “All-Range” overdrive to augment the 3-speed manual transmission. The six decades old truck only has a little more 40,000 miles on it. Even with the low mileage, it still underwent a full Concours Restoration in 2013 which makes it look like it just rolled off the line. The 1957 Willys FC-150 is scheduled to roll across the block during the Mecum Spring Classic auction that runs from from July 10th – 18th in Indianapolis.


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