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BMW Motorrad’s R nineT is ripe for modification, which is why you see such a wide range of customized versions. FabMan Creations of South Africa might actually have made the ultimate art deco version with its Storm. Looking like something from vintage Bauhaus moto stables, the Storm gets clad in aviation-style aluminum armor that’s both slippery and properly industrial. The matte silver body and wheel covers are mated with bespoke handlebars, bar-end turn signals, and reverse-hinged levers. The instrument panel gets a great analog dashboard with an Acewell speedometer and pushbuttons, not unlike a vintage aircraft. We especially love the single-piece cowl which looks like The Iron Giant’s head with just one eye. It’s all topped off by an ergonomic saddle that’s unified with the body, and the entire bike makes it look like the R nineT was just born for this.

C907W_Elementum 1000×600 (4)

When it comes to the pocket knife we carry everyday we want it all. We want style, substance, cool factor and,  functionality. That’s where this CIVIVI folding pocket knife comes in. D2 blade with black stonewash finish. Ceramic ball bearings in the pivot. Black finished liner lock mechanism. Black ebony wood handle. The list goes on. It’s certainly functional, but it might also be the best looking knife we’ve ever carried–and it’s available in a number of materials, finishes and options. Most CIVIVI models are 25% off right now for Father’s Day.  Find your new favorite CIVIVI Folding Pocket Knife here.