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Let’s face it, unless you’re a college student or you’re trying to thumb your nose at skyrocketing gas prices at the expense of your own dignity, nobody wants to ride a moped. All that could change with the Swedish-designed Moppe Apparatus TD-MP1 (okay, so the name needs work). Inspired by the 1970s Honda SS50 moped, the TD-MP1 is a still lean but totally futuristic two-wheeler than abandons gas for electric power. It has a monocoque chassis that actually incorporates the battery into the structure, brilliantly reducing visual clutter. The e-moped also includes an angular amber fairing windscreen, a wooden faux tank, clip-on drop handlebars, disc wheels, and a beautiful ribbed yellow leather saddle. The TD-MP1 is only a rendering for now, but its awesomeness absolutely requires a real build. It’s a moped we would ride while brimming with pride.


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