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Just a few months shy of a decade ago, we first covered CW&T–aka the art and design practice of Che-Wei Wang & Taylor Levy–when they burst onto the scene, and revolutionized the world of Kickstarter pens, with the Pen Type-A. All these years later, they’ve done plenty of other pens, a utility blade, refills, a Solid State Watch, and now, an electric bike. The CW&T Penny Pelican Electric Cargo Bike is so named because of the penny farthing bicycle combined with the Pelican-Hardigg military medical case, which pretty much sums up exactly what you see here. It’s a cargo bike with a 1000W front hub motor capable of a top speed of 23mph that has pedals attached to a freewheel hub (no gears and no chain) so the cargo area–which is pretty much just the enormous Pelican storage case–can span the entire space between the two wheels. Combining an electric bicycle with said storage container might seem easy, but the process actually required all the components to be custom-machined for perfect geometry and rideability. When you’re not transporting all of your precious apocalypse cargo in the Pelican case, it doubles as a great way to transport your kids or animals for rides around town. Lead time for the CW&T Penny Pelican Electric Cargo Bike is 4-6 weeks, so if you’re interested, put your order in now rather than later.


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