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If you throw a rock, you just might hit a customized Land Rover Defender that’s got all the modern doodads and blackened out look. It seems restomod Land Rover shops are everywhere. But if that’s not your bag because you don’t want to looked like an action movie hero, and you want something a bit more traditional, Commonwealth Classics might just be the right tree to bark up. The base vehicle is a 1990 Defender 110 farm truck, and it received a frame-off restoration that essentially makes it look like it rolled off the factory line thirty years ago. The charcoal gray over black leather beauty also gets air conditioning, a new turbo for the diesel motor, new suspension bits, Marshall Bluetooth audio, a new short shifter for the five-speed manual, and a bed cover. The price is a not insubstantial $155K, but prices start at $13K for the 110 and $125K for the 90. What you get is tantamount to a piece of automotive history.


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