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A couple years ago, Bollinger Motors unveiled their B1 All-Electric Vehicle, a Land Rover style vehicle that touted some pretty impressive specs and an ultra clean design.  Fast forward to today and Bollinger is back with another sneak peek of their production intent design. While a lot of things have changed–the original price of $60k and around 350hp have both almost doubled to $125k and 614, respectively–the overall design and functionality remain the same. In addition to the increased horsepower, it’s packing 668 ft-lb of torque, 15″ ground clearance, 10″ wheel travel and the ability to carry a 5,000 lb payload. The “shoulder” of the truck was raised to allow for more packaging space and head clearance, and the “greenhouse” was lengthened for better visibility, driver experience and aesthetics. There’s no word yet on the official release date of the truck, but you can reserve yours now for $1,000.
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