Commuting via two wheels has never been more popular or more practical. Cities across the country are increasing the number of bike lanes every year. Few commuting solutions have more positive effects than biking. Environmentally, economically, and medically beneficial; there isn’t a downside to the bicycle.

Some biking setups can rival the price of a car. However, it’s entirely possible to purchase a great ride for a reasonable price. It’s time to channel your inner Dutch, embrace the urban lifestyle, and start pedaling (without compromising your style or your bank account). Here are the best city bikes under $500:


The Linus Roadster Classic

For those who want stylish and simple
Inspired by classic bikes from French and Italian Cinema, the Roadster is the perfect bike for the casual rider looking to make a statement. You won’t find gears or fancy brakes with this bike, just exactly what is needed to get from point A to B and flash a little sprezzatura along the route. Three sizes ensure a proper fit.


The Fuji Feather

For those who hit the track on the weekend
A city bike that flaunts racing DNA, the Fuji Feather has several features that set it apart. An aggressive color scheme (go with the black), a light chromoly steel frame, and a track fork (for increased rake) ensure that you’re getting to work on time, while front and rear brake calipers get you there in one piece.


The Pure Fix Cycles Roosevelt

For those who want a premium fixie
The Roosevelt provides features that are aimed at keeping your bike rolling for as long as possible with minimum maintenance. The simplicity of a fixie is combined with a double-butted chromoly steel frame (increased stiffness and decreased weight), drop bars, and Thickslick tires (better traction in wet conditions). Sealed bearing hubs and a sealed bottom bracket keep out debris and simplify maintenance. High-end features combined in an affordable, Instagram-worthy design.  


The Giant Simple Three

For those who want a cruiser
Cruisers are the ubiquitous West Coast bikes, and the Giant Simple Three takes that DNA and transforms it into a bike equally at home on the beach or the city. Offered in two color choices (but choose the British racing green), the Simple offers a lightweight aluminum frame and a Shimano 3-speed internal hub drivetrain. Brown leather accents and balloon tires make your ride both a comfortable and sophisticated commute.


The Kawasaki Sumo Fat Tire Bike

For those with an arduous commute
If your commute traverses streams, mud, and some exceptionally large curbs, then the Kawasaki Sumo is the bike for you. Outfitted with extra wide 4-inch tires, a 21 speed drivetrain, and dual disc brakes this bike transfers from city to trail life with ease. A black color scheme accented with a few splashes of bright green blend equally well in urban and trail environments. Something to keep in mind, The Sumo only comes in one unisex size (18.5 inch frame).


The Retrospec Kinney 14 Bar Flat Speed Bike

For those who want it all
The perfect bike for the individual who values flexibility and style, this bike has it all. It comes in two colors (blue and black), four sizes (unusual for this price point), and a classic design that is sure to turn heads. A 14-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain allows you to easily power through urban obstacles and the high tensile strength steel frame ensures durability. The Kinney is simply a great bike for anyone who wants ride-ability in a stylish package.


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