If you’re only familiar with Cool Material the blog, we really think you should take look at Cool Material the shop, an outpost for some of our favorite items we happen to carry and sell ourselves. Now’s the perfect time, too, because you can clear a good portion of your shopping list with one visit. We truly believe that. If you need some pointers, here are our favorite gifts from the Cool Material Shop.


Multi-ccino Mug

Caffeine fiend on your list? This mug helps them whip up all their favorite coffee drinks. It’s basically their own personal barista.


Shower Beer Holder

A shower beer is one of life’s simple pleasures. Balancing the bottle or can on the lip of the tub and hoping the curtain liner doesn’t knock it off is not. The Shower Beer Holder is here to hold your beer.


National Park Candles

Bring the great outdoors indoors with this collection of candles. Each is inspired by one of the National Parks in the United States.


Stealth Workbench Boxes

Simple and sleek boxes that hold an array of loose gear.


Alkemista Infusion Vessel

Use this vessel to craft whatever infusions your brain can come up with. From herb-infused gin to fruit-forward vodka, this device is all you need to make your own unique spirits, oils, and more.


A Man and His Watch

This 216-page hardcover is an ode to iconic timepieces and the men who wore them. It’s the perfect gift for any watch fanatic, as buying them a new Patek Philippe is most likely a bit out of your price range.


The Switchboard

A modern interpretation of the coat rack. A more elegant and attractive way to keep your jacket, umbrella, and other necessities at the ready.


All Black Japanese Toolbox

A simple metal storage vessel that looks far more elegant on a shelf than the clunky toolbox from the local big box store.


Lock Pick Training Kit

This kit teaches anyone how simple locks work. Then it gives them the ability to never worry about forgetting their keys again.


Desk Knife

A knife comes in exceedingly handy around the office. But that doesn’t mean you should carry around a large fixed blade. The Desk Knife is the elegant, attractive way to slice open packages and cut material at your desk.


Pappy Van Winkle Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup

Pappy for breakfast? You better believe it. This maple syrup is infused with some bourbon goodness thanks to the time it spent sitting in former Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels.


Takeout Candle

Inspired by the glorious smell of Chinese takeout, the Takeout Candle allows anyone to bask in that intoxicating aroma whenever they please.


Silver Piston Zippo Lighters

The all-American Zippo lighter gets another dose of Americana here. Each of these lighters is outfitted with either an old piece of American coinage, or a coin carved into a Hobo Nickel.


Aer Bags

Aer is one of our favorite backpack and bag makers. Why? Because the brand infuses modern style with clever features and insane durability for attractive bags that last.


How to Swear

The definitive guide to four-letter words and how to use them. F*cking, period.


The Seven Kingdoms Mug

Let them toast to their conquests and victories with The Seven Kingdoms Mug. Each is made from real cattle horn, just like the ones seen in Game of Thrones.


The Every Occasion Card

Buying greeting cards is time-consuming and difficult. Gift them a box of these cards and they’ll never have to go through the process again.


The Adjustable Bag

This bag transforms into three different shapes to handle a slew of different tasks and activities. It’s one bag to rule them all.


Candy Lab Toy Cars

These are like Pinewood Derby cars if Pinewood Derby cars were made by a car designer and not children. Each looks as good on a desk or shelf as it does zooming across the floor.


Boxing Bells

While these bells used to signal the start of a heavyweight showdown, now they can signal the start of dinner.


Cool Material Coins

Our collection of coins offer something perfect for the optimist, the pessimist, and the person who needs help making decisions.


Tech Hoodie

Wearing a hoodie in a downpour is akin to dressing in a giant damp sponge. That is, of course, unless you’re wearing the Tech Hoodie, a hooded sweatshirt designed to stand up to the elements.


Neo IV Brass Lighter

This pint-sized lighter is easy to travel with and carries more style than any ole Bic. Plus, since it’s built for life, the person you gift it to won’t have to worry about buying a new one in a few months.

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