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Praga ZS 800

Praga ZS 800

This is one bike you don’t want to drop, and riding it might just make you a bit too nervous. That’s because it costs $90,000 and only 28 will be made. Czech exotic carmaker Praga hand-builds the ZS 800 and uses titanium and carbon fiber. Based on the iconic and record-setting BD 500 motorcycle from 1928, the ZS 800 has direct styling cues from the BD 500, including the high-mounted headlight and the design of the single seat. Even the brakes are finned drum brakes to echo the original and to retain the vintage look. The hand-welded chromoly frame is a work of art, along with the beautifully shaped fenders and tank. The bike is powered by a 773cc air-cooled parallel-twin engine that mimics the look of the original. Although there’s no rear suspension, the seat gets a fancy spring and damper system from Öhlins. The highly intricate wheels, themselves, make use of hand-woven carbon fiber for each spoke. No attention to detail has been spared, and the look of the ZS 800 properly honors the BD 500 in stunning fashion.

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