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MoonBike Electric Snowbike

MoonBike Electric Snowbike

We’ve done our fair share of snowmobiling, but the MoonBikes’ electric snowbike seems far more attractive. Not only is it smaller, but the MoonBike is also nimbler thanks to the fact that its three times lighter (192 pounds with battery) than an average snowmobile, puts down a smaller footprint, and it’s also narrower for properly threading those needles between the trees. Most importantly, however, the MoonBike is purely electric for silent and emission-free fun. The MoonBike is capable of speeds of 26 mph coupled with immediate torque off the line. Steering is easy-peasy with bike/moto-style handlebars mated to a big front ski. On a full charge, you can run it for up to three hours with the optional PowerPack. Cost? Just under $9k. Bond villain looks? Priceless.

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