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Formawerx Car Keys

Formawerx Car Keys

For most drivers, a car key is simply a tool, an accessory that is purely practical. But, for Formawerx, a car key can be a work of art. The auto brand designs custom car keys with a unique minimalist aesthetic built to fit both contemporary cars as well as legendary vintage vehicles. The car keys are meant to both represent the history of automotive design and engineering and bring a modern stylish touch to an oft-looked car accessory.

In Formawerx’s collection, you’ll find keys designed for specific cars like the Land Rover Defenders, Toyota Land Cruiser, Porsche 911, and others. Formawerx also has its line of OpenSpec™ which can be outfitted to work with just about any car, manufactured before 2000. And if you’re looking for something fully custom, the Bespoke Collection allows drivers to commission keys for any number of rare and limited cars.

While a couple hundred dollars might seem like an unnecessary expense, the line of Formawerx Car Keys add a further level of personalization and artistry to the culture of classic cars.

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