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Formawerx Vintage Porsche 911 Key

Formawerx Vintage Porsche 911 Key

You need only watch Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee or spend enough time on the road to know that vintage Porsche 911s are hotter than ever. Such gorgeous vehicles deserve equally gorgeous keys, at least that’s the idea behind Ignition, a collection of Porsche-inspired key blanks that can be cut to work on old models. The team at Formawerx wanted a key as fine as the car it would start, so they looked to the 911 for design elements. The shape of the key comes from the shape of the 911 dash from 1970 to 1998. The six holes are a nod to the flat 6 engines found in old racing Porsches. Even the single piece construction is an homage to the purity of the 911 design philosophy. If you own a vintage 911, this the key worthy of the ignition.

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