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C3strom Astro & Astro Pro e-Bikes

C3strom Astro & Astro Pro e-Bikes

How can you get an electric motorcycle without actually buying one? Well, you get C3strom’s Astro or Astro Pro e-bikes that are as close as it gets to a true electric motorcycle. You have to take a second glance to realize it has pedals. The rest of it, including the frame, seat, wheels, tires, bars, and lights, make it look like the real deal. They even have four-piston hydraulic disc brakes. In terms of power, C3strom Astros have a 750W motor that tops out at 28 mph with the option to go even faster when going off-pavement. Range on a full charge for the Astro is 50 miles, but the Astro Pro has a 1,040Wh battery for a 78-mile range. Charging takes 4 to 5 hours.

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