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While you might not know the nuances of pairing wine with food, everyone at least knows the very basic rule that big reds go with heavy meats and whites go with lighter dishes. But what do you know about beer? Beer can have so many unique flavors that it’s an ideal meal partner, and On Beer and Food: The Gourmet’s Guide to Recipes and Pairings will get you started. Not only will it help you understand beer itself, but it offers recipes and pairings for things like Crab Salad with a Weissbier and Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder with a pint of Brown Ale. And once you’ve mastered finding the right brew for the right dish, On Beer and Food will teach you how to use beer as an ingredient in your cooking. So crack a cold IPA and the spine of the book, and start pairing like a pro.


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