As the Tarantino-esque misspelling of the title implies, Inglourisous Basterds is no remake. The film is inspired by the spaghetti western/macaroni war flick genre mixed with Tarantino’s unabashed style of storytelling to WWII. Broken into chapters, not dissimilar to Pulp Fiction, each section takes a different tone from unapologetic violence to dramatic suspense. Inglourois Basterds shows both sides of the war, like Aldo (Brad Pitt) and the Basterds, a group of American Jewish soldiers who go behind enemy lines to devastate Nazi morale taking no prisoners as well as a monstrous German officer determined to go down in history as “The Jew Hunter” (Christoph Waltz). If you loved the movie and can’t get enough Tarantino then check out the Inglourious Basterds 2-Disc Special.

0110 MM Cool Material In-Feed Takeover 1000×600

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