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Vertical Aerospace Seraph eVTOL Air Taxi

Vertical Aerospace Seraph eVTOL Air Taxi

Despite the fact that we human beings can’t handle traffic in two dimensions, adding the third dimension of flight is all but assumed at this point. In light of that, it seems like every major brand out there is trying to get a piece of the market. Boeing and Porsche made a flying car. Aston Martin did the same. The same goes for the PAL-V Liberty Pioneer Flying Car, the Bell Nexus Air Taxi and the Uber Elevate service. The latest in on-demand, app-ordered air taxis comes from Vertical Aerospace with their Seraph eVTOL Air Taxi. Billed as the world’s first all-electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (that’s where VTOL comes from in case you were curious) vehicle, the Seraph can carry over 550lbs while still maintaining it’s ability to fly at speeds of up to 50mph. And since this particular offering has an actual, operational video of the air taxi, this is likely one of the first options to make it to market.

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