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The EVO Utility Bike Is Designed for San Francisco

The EVO Utility Bike Is Designed for San Francisco

No, you don’t need to live in San Francisco to ride around on the EVO Utility Bike, but if you happen to live in San Fran, it was the bike designed just for you. The hybrid bicycle blends the utility of a city bike with the ruggedness and geometry of a mountain bike so you can explore the diverse terrain of the city. And while you’re enjoying all those different areas, the quick-connect mounts on the front and back allow you to quickly change your cargo accessories so you’re equipped whether you’re getting groceries or hitting the surf. The symmetrical frame of the bike draws inspiration from the towers and bridges in San Francisco, and it stores a cable lock inside it so you don’t need to carry one around. Whether you’re in San Francisco or not, the EVO Utility Bike is ideal for your daily life.

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