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RMK E2 Electric Motorcycle

RMK E2 Electric Motorcycle

The RMK E2 Electric Motorcycle you see here is what we imagine came out of a bunch of design meetings where guys just like us tried to think up every crazy feature they would want on a bike if money was no object and design wasn’t done by committee. It has sleek, angular lines and exposed frame members. It has a hubless rear wheel that also houses the electric motor, and a bobber style monoshock in the rear. It’s no slouch in the performance department, either. They had to limit the top speed to 100 mph, but with a max range of about 186 miles per charge, we’re fine with that. It’s powerful, pretty and not all that pricey given the specs. The production version of the RMK E2 will be unveiled at the MP 19 Motorcycle Show in Helsinki at the beginning of February next year. The final price is supposed to be just under $30,000 with deliveries beginning after the show, but if you want one, you better get on the reservation list now.

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