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Lamborghini Restored the Legendary Miura SVR

Lamborghini Restored the Legendary Miura SVR

What you are looking at is a one-off Lambo. Yeah, it’s that rare. The 1968 Lamborghini Miura SVR was based on Lamborghini test driver Bob Wallace’s Miura Jota, a ride lost to time after an accident. Unwilling to let this SVR suffer the same fate, Polo Storico, Lamborghini’s restoration division, tinkered away to restore the one of a kind race car. Actually, “tinkered” is the wrong word, as the Miura SVR arrived in pieces. The only modifications on the original come in the way of 4-point belts, finer seats, and a removable roll bar. Take a look at one of the rarest rides in existence. 

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