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Inkas Sentry Civilian Bulletproof SUV

Inkas Sentry Civilian Bulletproof SUV

The Inkas Superior was a transport vehicle built for just about anything but explicitly designed for more “high-danger” situations than most of us would ever find ourselves in. There’s no reason you couldn’t, or shouldn’t, customize an Inkas Superior if that’s your jam, but the Inkas Sentry Civilian Bulletproof SUV might be a better option if you want to combine a similar bulletproof exterior with modern, limo-style interior. The Inkas Sentry Civilian is built on the Ford F-550 platform with upgraded suspension and brakes–along with the ability to handle extreme climates and off-road terrain–and an exterior that includes bullet-resistant glass, run-flat tires and an armored passenger compartment. Once you get inside, it’s a completely different story. Heated and cooled captain’s chairs with diamond-stitched leather accents. A fully-equipped entertainment center including enormous TV that serves as the dividing partition. Minibar, safe and retractable tables are also options. In other words, it’s an APC on the outside and the limo on the inside–which is just about everything you could ask for in a people mover.

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