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Infiniti Project Black S

Infiniti Project Black S

The Infiniti Q60 is one of our favorite new sports coupes from the past few years. The new Infiniti Project Black S is based on the Q60 platform, but it’s been beefed up with a mean as hell aerodynamic package and Formula One hybrid technology. Working with the Renault Sport Formula Team, Infiniti outfitted the Project Black S with a world’s first dual-hybrid powertrain capable of generating power under both braking and acceleration, which means it can generate the equivalent of 563 hp. Road & Track had a chance to ask François Bancon, Infiniti’s Vice President for Motorsport and Connected Vehicles, about the concept, and he said, “The idea was not to make another show car. This is a technology study. A real, serious technology study made using F1-inspired technology.” Infiniti still has a lot of things to work out when it comes to making this hybridized behemoth a reality, but there’s a real chance you could put those 563 horsies to the test at some point in the future.

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