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The 10 Most Iconic IKEA Products of All Time

The 10 Most Iconic IKEA Products of All Time

IKEA is one of the most iconic and revered furniture companies of all time. Modern and minimal, IKEA’s furniture and home appliances are some of the most widely sold in the entire world, and we’re willing to bet that most of you reading this have at least one or two IKEA items in your home. What makes an iconic brand? Iconic products—those signature items that are so clever, so well thought out, and so perfectly designed that it seems we find them in every home, everywhere we look. Here are the 10 most iconic products IKEA has ever produced.

The Billy Bookcase

According to The New York Times, a Billy Bookcase is sold every 10 seconds. That’s a massive amount of bookcases in a world depending less on physical books. But why? Because it’s one of the most beautiful and simply designed furniture items on the planet. It can be placed anywhere. Different sizes can combine to form interesting arrangements for equally varied homes, apartments, lofts, dorm rooms, etc. And most importantly, you can put things other than books on it. New shells can be added or retracted at your discretion, and it’s the kind of furniture that stays with its owner for a long, long time.Link

Poäng Chair

The Poäng chair has been a staple of the IKEA catalog for over forty years. Seriously. This timeless piece of furniture is a testament to what happens when good design melds with function, and transforms into a cultural staple along the way. The Poäng still sells over 1.5 million units a year, and we certainly don’t see that number slowing down. Link

Malm Bed

It is said that one in 10 Europeans are conceived in an IKEA bed. Think about the enormity of that statistic. And of those beds, the Malm is far and away the most popular. Simple, sturdy (for all that baby makin’), and stylish, the classic Malm bed features a minimal modern design and comes in two finishes—wood veneer and white—to give you the options you need without making things too difficult. Link

Expedit/Kallax Shelves

When IKEA quietly announced the discontinuation of their famed classic shelving units, the Expedit, the world damn near lost its mind. However, it wasn’t long before IKEA buckled under the pressure and released the shelves under a new and improved name: Kallax. Identical to their predecessor, the Kallax shelves come in a white variety of sizes and shapes, and feature a scratch-resistant surface and rounded corners that make them perfect for every home, apartment, office, etc.Link

Lack Table

If you want to see what happens when minimal style and maximum function collide, look no further than IKEA’s legendary Lack Table. They come as both lightweight, durable tables and awesome shelving units with completely concealable mounting. They’re super affordable, completely customizable, and look good literally anywhere Link

Ribba Frames

Another iconic piece of simple modern design, IKEA’s Ribba picture frames are some of the most popularly sold frames in the world because not only are they super inexpensive (starting at just $1.99), but they’re of excellent quality.Link

Ektorp Sofa

The most interesting design element of IKEA’s famous Ektorp sofa is, well, its name. However, people who buy an Ektorp know they’re getting the kind of couch that’ll withstand years of use and abuse. They come in a variety of colorful covers that are well-made and easily changeable, and also feature strong seams and thick reversible seat cushions. Simple, beautiful, and built to last, it’s no surprise that it’s consistently one of the highest-selling items in the IKEA catalog. Link

Stockholm Rug

Most young people moving into their first apartment have no idea how much the addition of a rug can change the entire vibe of a room. Luckily, IKEA does. And when those people come around and hop on the rug bandwagon, their first is usually one of IKEA’s classic, quality-manufactured Stockholm rugs. Aside from not paying an arm and a leg (seriously, why are rugs so damn expensive?), IKEA’s Stockholm rugs will run you anywhere from $99 to $349, depending on size and pattern. What we love most about them is, despite being woven in India, IKEA ensures they’re done so under good working conditions and at fair wages.Link

The Rens Sheepskin Rug

Another iconic catalog item, IKEA’s classic Rens Sheepskin Rug is an excellent way to tie a room together and give things a sense of warmth and comfort—even on the coldest winter evenings. Whether you’re curling up in front of the fireplace on one or draping it on the back of a couch, they look great in any apartment and can be had for less than 30 bucks. If that’s not a steal, we don’t know what is.Link

Färgrik Mug

The thing people love most about IKEA is the way they meld value and design without cutting corners or passing unnecessary costs onto their consumers. Perhaps no product more perfectly encompasses everything IKEA offers its customers than the Färgrik coffee mug. They’re simple, they’re beautiful, they’re well-designed, and they’re dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Oh, and they’re less than a dollar a piece. IKEA sells millions of these things every year—and for good reason.Link

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