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AirHood: The Portable Range Hood

AirHood: The Portable Range Hood

AirHood brings a new meaning to clean eating. For your surfaces, that is. Look, cooking can be messy. Even the simplest meals can get the grease poppin’. Because of this, AirHood’s handy countertop device is the perfect complement to a tidy, small kitchen.

Using a one-two punch of an extractor fan and charcoal air filter, the AirHood is designed to capture grease-laden air particles before they have time to settle on your kitchen surfaces. By hitting grease at its source, nearby walls and counters stay squeaky clean. And bonus points if you’re like me and always get the stovetop too damn hot: the AirHood also absorbs smoke and cooking smells.

This is currently available on Kickstarter with early backers of $89 or more receiving an AirHood.

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