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By now, you all know that you need a great deck of playing cards for poker night, Euchre, Hearts, or games of War with the nieces and nephews. Widowmaker Throwing Cards will more than serve that purpose with their unique designs and skeleton royal cards. But more importantly, each one of these cards has been purpose built as an optimized throwing weapon with their 32mm weighted PVC plastic construction. We’re not saying you should be trying to slice bananas or inflict tiny cuts on your frenemies, but if you want to, there’s no better deck to do it with.


Digging for the scoop in a bag of coffee means you’re going to get grounds stuck under your fingernails. Not clamping that bag shut when you’re done means those grounds could also end up all over your shelf. The Coffee Scoop Bag Clip solves both those problems. The stainless steel Coffee Scoop Bag Clip has a 1 tablespoon measuring cup on the end of the clip for easy scooping and sealing.