We’re not going to pretend that we consider ourselves philatelists, but the US Postal Service has been releasing some pretty cool stamps that even we’ll collect. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the USPS created two new stamps based on the event. One features the iconic image that Neil Armstrong took of Buzz Aldrin in his spacesuit on the surface of the moon. The other stamp features a 2010 photograph of the moon taken by Gregory H. Revera with the landing site in the Sea of Tranquility marked with a yellow dot. Art Director Antonio Alcalá of Virginia’s Studio A was responsible for the design of the stamps. Based on Studio A’s previous stamps for the US Postal Service–they did the Janis Joplin, total solar eclipse, Harvey Milk, Star Trek and plenty of others–these are going to be even more incredible in person than they are in pictures. Additional details about the release date including the first day of issue ceremony will be released closer to the anniversary.


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