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A hotel on wheels sounds like the punch line to a bad joke. But, Moliving is making mobile hospitality a reality with its newly announced luxury pre-fabricated hotel rooms. Moliving Inc. is a nomadic hospitality company equpping boutique hotels with fully furnished, environmentally friendly modular suites. Pre-fab homes have risen in popularity over the past few years. So Moliving is working with SG Blocks, a modular fabricator, to construct these “luxury eco-resorts” which hotels can offer to guests. The structures make use of recycled and eco-friendly materials and can be powered throw a rooftop solar array minimizing the carbon footprint.

“Lifestyle habits and travel behaviors have greatly shifted,” shares Moliving Inc.’s Founder and CEO, Jordan Bem in a press release. “We are spearheading the change with our mobile units and proprietary technology to continue to adapt. Moliving is accommodating by design, its flexibility feeds the desire to roam freely helping the industry to embrace the nomadic, adventure seeking traveler of today who still wants all the benefits of the traditional five-star accommodation.”

Each Moliving suite is 45 ft. long and offers about 400 sq. ft. of indoor space. Wood interiors are standard and the unit includes separate living and sleeping areas along with a luxurious bathroom. The bedroom accommodates a modular bed that can shift from a king to two twins. Plus, each Moliving unit comes with a Samsung 55” Smart TV, a Devialet Wireless Speaker, USB ports, in-room safe, private bar, electronically controlled shades, and Wi-Fi.

The first units will be installed in Hudson Valley’s Hurley House with plans for expansion along the east coast; in California, Colorado, and Nevada; and internationally with possible locations in France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

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