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Vacation accommodations most often separate us and cosset us away from the local surroundings, whereas the Tree Houses en Acre in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico are meant to immerse you in them. Architects fabriKG designed them to reside within the natural landscape on 10 hectares of mango trees and a palm grove of the Acre Restaurant-Bar to create a rurally-based boutique hotel experience like none other. There are a total of 13 units, each elevated on metal columns to rise above floodwaters when necessary but to also provide security and privacy. They’re constructed with lightweight steel, polycarbonate, and polished cement. The local cane fabric and mosquito net panels provide comfort and breeziness. Accommodations include a bedroom, bathroom, closet, and a deck with showers. The best part, however, is the openness that lets in nature and provides stellar views and the kind of relaxation we all covet.

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