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Lazzarini Design Studio specializes in the kind of conceptual design that always reminds us the world we live in often looks exceptionally boring. Take beachside vacation resorts, for example. They’re usually antiseptically luxurious and set on sandy beaches or cliffsides and have some vaguely modern design style.

The Pearlsuites throw all that out. They’re hotel pods that float right on the water and anchor to the ocean floor. The pods are seven meters in diameter, most of which is devoted to the bed, though there are two desks, a kitchenette, and an enclosed bathroom around the circumference. It’s promised to be a zero-emission pod thanks to the solar panels on the roof and the optional hydrogen power cells that account for rainy days. And don’t worry about getting chucked out of bed as soon as the sea gets a little choppy. A gyroscopic stabilizer keeps the pod as stable as possible.

There’s no set price tag, though the studio promises the pods would come at a low cost, which we suspect is relative since “low cost” for a resort isn’t the same as “low cost” for a regular person. But if you have that kind of money to splash around, you could have your very own 5-star hotel room on the ocean.

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