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It might not seem like it at first because they’re nowhere near as sexy as a good chef’s knife, but cutting boards are just as important as the rest of your kitchen tools even though we don’t seem to talk about them much. The new ChopBox Smart Cutting Board is going to change the way you think about and look at the wooden slab you chop things on. With 100% organic bamboo construction and a nesting second board, it’s all the quality wood cutting surface for prep and party display. But for $100, it better have a lot more than just two bamboo boards. It does. It has a whole lot more. This smart cutting board has an integrated timer and scale on the left side. It has dual knife sharpeners on the front right edge. It even has 254nm UVC light built-in so you can sanitize and disinfect your knives before you use them. This is one of the best cuttings boards for your kitchen.


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