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When you’re in the bush, the outdoors or otherwise outside of human contact, you need a quality first aid kit in case of emergency. Forget the other options you’re familiar with because the VSSL First Aid Kit combines a flashlight and compass with just about everything else you need to survive when the shit hits the fan. 200 Lumens LED light with 4 lighting modes (bright, dim, red, SOS) and up to 40 hours of burn time. Oil-filled precision compass that’s easy-to-read and will operate in almost any temperature. Durable, multi-use tape that can be used to bandage wounds, mark trails or repair gear. Multiple large bandages and knuckle bandages or wounds and infection-prevention. Steri-strips, disposable thermometers, antiseptic towelettes, Celox hemostatic agent, antibiotic and burn creams, aspirins and plenty of other useful first aid supplies. All these things are contained with the aluminum VSSL canister so you’re covered regardless of the situation.


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