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Vollebak’s Mars Hoodie is Out of This World

Vollebak’s Mars Hoodie is Out of This World

Vollebak’s ability to mix function and high art into wearable garments is commendable. Their latest, the Mars Hoodie, is billed as “the most comfortable hoodie ever made” and we don’t need the Perseverance Rover to show us that it’s probably the truth. Vollebak built this hoodie with the prompt in mind of future wearers feeling comfortable – physically and psychologically – on the Red Planet. Utilizing a quilting technique usually reserved for mattress making, this hoodie has cushion, bounce, and insulation to meet that goal. The padded design itself takes inspiration from the Martian surface, the cooling systems on spacesuits, and the pressurized inflatable buildings Vollebak foresees for the future of terraforming Mars. It’s an ingenious prompt for creating a garment and Vollebak’s imagination continues to soar with these releases. It is available now in Black and White Editions.

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