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Vollebak’s Garbage Jacket Can Take the Heat

Vollebak’s Garbage Jacket Can Take the Heat

How does the saying go? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure? At least, that’s the case with Vollebak’s Garbage Jacket. Constructed from an array of recycled materials, from discarded firefighter suits to recycled brass, this jacket shows us what a truly sustainable garment can look like.

With the simple point of answering, “What if garbage isn’t garbage?”, Vollekbak has tasked itself with keeping waste out of landfills and into our closets. By using a variety of techniques to repurpose materials (the zippers are made from plastic bottles, the hood cord is plant waste derived, the jacket is from old fabric scraps — the list goes on), we see a brand that looks at every opportunity as a possibility for change and innovation. And the result is a jacket that stylish, rugged, and fire-resistant.

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