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San Francisco-based Slughaus has been on a mission to completely revolutionize everyday carry for as long as we can remember. There was BULLET, the world’s smallest led flashlight. BULLET 02, the new world’s smallest LED flashlight. There was also Wolverine, the first self-healing utility bag. The line of fantastic, indispensable products from Slughaus continues with NanoPen, the world’s smallest EDC pen tool. As the name implies, this is a tiny pen minute enough to be worn as necklace, used as a zipper pull or easily carried on your keys. The NanoPen is about the same size as a rolled house key, which means there’s no reason not to have a writing implement on your person at all times. Even better, it’s waterproof and fireproof, so it’s designed to stand up to whatever it is you plan on throwing at it. 


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